Product has a certificate of compliance!

Do not purchase the product manufactured in China, it is not authentic.
"BugsLock" is made only from south Korea and has a certificate of compliance!

"Bugslock" is a mosquito controlling product mosquito repellent made using 100% natural ingredients. Bugslock is a creative band shaped product. It prevents mosquitos from approaching by wearing it on the wrist or ankle, where the group Bugslock emits a scent that the insect cannot stand. It is small in design and easy to carry, it can be used at any time, thus it is considered a very convenient product. Furthermore, it is a safe product which can be used by infants and all age groups because it is made of non-toxic substances and free of deet.

"Bugslock" is an elegant product with various colors and refined designs, hence, it can be used as a form of accessory for women and also a fun children's wear item.

About 200,0000 people reportedly die of malaria each year. The main reason for it includes the increase in the number of mosquitoes exponentially due to the collapse of the natural environment and extend the life of the mosquito "because of global temperature increases.

We use many kinds of insecticides in the past few decades, so that we can be protected from the bite of a mosquito. However, a negative side effect is ruining the environment and poisoning our bodies in the process. In these circumstances we need to develop new products that do not produce harmful side effects to both the environment and people, not to mention, they can free us from the bite of a mosquito.

Since about ten years ago, there were intensive studies in a number of advanced countries in the development of products. Although Hannaeeum Inc. "Bugslock was developed somewhat late, it was recognized as the quality in the world market, allowing the company to compete fairly with advanced countries many other related products. The products were shipped to the 10 or so other countries. Company has construction of production lines in Thailand and Southeast Asia, the countries located within the area are also the largest market in the world of mosquitoes.

Now, Bugslock, global first-class product, is now more widely available to customers all over the world.

With Bugslock can be customized to match the design of the customer wanted, the desired logo can be printed on it.

In addition, it is much easy to carry because it can be transferred, unless you just wear it on your wrist or ankle, and because it is small and completely sealed.


Bucks lock can be used by:

  • Parents and children
  • Outdoor sports clubs, fishing, mountain climbing, golf, etc.
  • Soldiers, police officers and those involved in the industry related to safety
  • Open air markets
  • Farmers
  • Public Relations companies (insurance companies, travel agencies, car companies, oil companies, hotels, resorts, etc.)
  • Any activities not related to the water
  • Outdoor barbecue party
  • Fasten Bugslock with adjustable buckle push
  • On the wrist or ankle
  • Picnic table pole backpack strap
  • Chair or table leg
  • In the car
  • Necklace

Do not purchase the product manufactured in China, it is not authentic. "BugsLock" is made only from south Korea and has a certificate of compliance!